The Dream Of Home Ownership Meets
The Financial Tools To Get It Done...

My husband and I have tried to buy a home for 16 years. Either credit, money or both were the issues. We love our new home and are so grateful for the help we received from the Chenoa Fund™.”

— Millicent & Scott M

Our Mission

As a federally chartered, public-purpose driven governmental agency, we work to increase affordable and sustainable homeownership opportunities for creditworthy individuals who lack down payment funds.

Home Ownership Isn't For Everyone - But Housing Is

While we have minimum credit scores that may put some borrowers out of the reach of our direct assistance, we believe that through assisting creditworthy families to overcome the down payment assistance barrier we can reduce the competition for rental housing, which in turn helps to reduce its cost and increase its availability for those we cannot assist directly.
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Our Program

Minimum Fico Score
FNMA Conventional
First Time Home Buyer Restrictions
Equity Share or Recapture Provisions
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3.5% & 5% Down Payment provided by Chenoa Fund™
Area Median Income to
 Qualify For DPA Forgiveness
Income Restrictions

Under-served Markets
Lower Income

Affordable Housing For Credit Worthy Families

Financial Tools
We believe that everyone in America should have access to affordable housing, and our mission is to make that happen by providing creditworthy families with the financial tools to purchase a home. We believe that by assisting responsible homebuyers to overcome the challenge of the minimum investment required for a mortgage we are helping to create healthy communities by improving the balance between homeownership and other types of housing.

Chenoa Fund™

Funding Opportunties
Chenoa Fund™ is a national down payment assistance program provided through CBC Mortgage Agency. CBC Mortgage Agency specializes in providing down payment assistance solutions in conjunction with FHA loans and FNMA conventional loans, with a focus on providing funding for affordable housing opportunities in communities nationwide.

CBC Mortgage Agency

Federally Chartered
CBC Mortgage Agency is a federally chartered, public-purpose governmental entity. CBC Mortgage Agency created the Chenoa Fund™ program to help lenders to assist their borrowers to obtain the minimum required investment on a mortgage. CBC Mortgage Agency partners with quality, delegated mortgage companies to provide a simple and profitable down payment assistance program in an effort to increase affordable and sustainable homeownership opportunities for creditworthy individuals. For more information, call 866-563-3507.

CBC Mortgage Agency partners with quality mortgage lenders on a correspondent basis to provide down payment assistance for qualified home buyers in the form of second mortgages. All assistance is provided in compliance with FHA guidelines
Responsible Home Financing
No Money Down Required
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Chenoa Fund Loan Process Details

CBC Mortgage Agency only offers Chenoa Fund™ through approved, full eagle correspondent lenders. Chenoa Fund™ is not offered directly to borrowers. If you are a borrower viewing this page, please ask your lender if they offer Chenoa Fund, or contact our information team to learn which lenders in your area offer Chenoa Fund™.

Register Your Loan

  1. To register simply CLICK HERE. Once you completed you will be able to print off a registration/rate lock form.

  2. You will receive the second mortgage disclosures from CBCMA registration department.

  3. Send second mortgage disclosures to your borrower.

Close Your Loan

When closing is ready, Correspondent logs on, requests CD 3 days before closing, and receives back from CBCMA the Initial/Final CD as well as the 2nd mortgage docs if applicable.

Sell Your Loan

The mortgage loan is reviewed for credit and compliance. Any deficiencies will be view-able online to Correspondent, who can then clear the conditions allowing us to purchase the loan. Average turn times are 48 hours from the time of upload until conditions are issued.

Chenoa Fund™
Program Guidelines
Program Guidelines Summary
The Chenoa Fund™ program is designed to assist as many homebuyers as possible achieve the dream of homeownership. Access the Chenoa Fund™ program guidelines below.
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Originator Resources
We work hard to make sure that your closings happen on-time and with as little hassle as possible. Our staff of professionals will provide you with everything necessary to make sure your loan closes smoothly.
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